ELEKTRA Active Harmonic Filters provide a complete solution for industrial and commercial facilities with dynamic variations in the load harmonic distortion, load imbalances, poor power factor and single phase loads with high level of current harmonics on the neutral wire. Their modular design allows scaling up the current rating easily. Some key features of ELEKTRA Active Harmonic Filters are:


  • Filtering capacity up to 600A for each cabinet
  • Supports three-wire (3W) and four-wire (4W) installations
  • Hotswap supported on rack-modules
  • Instantaneous reactive power compensation
  • Dynamic reaction time of 31.25 μs
  • Selective harmonic filtering up to 51st harmonic with each harmonic individually selectable
  • Four-wire system eliminates neutral currents


ELEKTRA Active Harmonic Filters are successfully applied to facilities with high harmonic distortion, dynamic load variations, load imbalances and high neutral currents and harmonic currents on neutral wires. They are ideal for applications where neutral conductors have to be off-loaded and problems related to high neutral to earth voltages have to be addressed.

  • Any facility with sensitivity to grid conditions
  • Plastic industry – injection, extrusion and molding
  • Office buildings and shopping malls (especially 3rd harmonics and overloaded neutral conductor)
  • Industrial production machines
  • Induction furnaces
  • UPS systems
  • Data centers


    Principle of Operation

    Non-linear loads such as rectifiers, motor drivers, UPS systems, computers and energy efficient lighting draw non- sinusoidal current from the grid. Non-sinusoidal – harmonically distorted – current in return causes the voltage waveforms to similarly become deformed. Voltage and current harmonics cause devices to overload, cables and wires to overheat, current breakers to erroneously trip, and sensitive devices to become damaged. The current drawn by a non-linear load is measured directly or indirectly by the active power filter through the use of current transformers. The harmonic and reactive components of the measured current is identified and processed digitally using the embedded system within the device. The active harmonic filter constantly synthesizes a current that balances the load and compensates for the reactive and harmonic components.


Technical specifications for ELEKTRA active farmonic filters are summarized below

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