Motor starter transformers, are used to limit inrush current at the time of  motor starting . Main output voltage tap  is 70% rated in comparation with nominal voltage. Thus  half of rated torque can not be applied  on the motor axis. As a result of these circumstances, motor starting current is drop down to nominal current .  Protection devices will not trigger.

After motor starts and reaches nominal operation , output voltage point  is transferred to input voltage point and motor, switched into  the nominal operation mode. Thus transformer is being  deactivated for the purpose of cooling down until the next starting moment.

Transformers can be designed in a smaller size than normal thanks to the principle of this duty cycle operation mode. Elektra Motor starter transformers designed for 10 starts per hour with a maximum at 3 consecutive starts.


  • Nominal Operation Voltage: Up to 6600V
  • Output Voltage: 0-%70 % other taps at  different voltage rating  optionally
  • Starting time: 6 seconds
  • Thermal Protection: 132ºC
  • Working Principle: 10 starts per hour with a maximum at 3 consecutive starts
  • Special design can be made according to  different duty cycles
  • Standart: EN 61558-2-13, IEC 60076


  • Highly permeable iron core
  • High qality copper or aliminum windings
  • Low losses high efficiency
  • Vacuum impregnated varnish to ensure silent and moisture-immune operation
  • Complies with the  EN 61558-2-13 , CE Sign
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system

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