ELEKTRA DynamiX Static VAr Generators provide a complete solution for industrial and commercial facilities with dynamic variations in reactive power, poor power factor and unbalanced loads. Their modular design and compact structure allows scaling up the reactive power rating easily and make them ideal for stepless power factor correction, load balancing and also harmonic filtering in industrial and commercial buildings. Some key features of ELEKTRA DynamiX Static VAr Generators are:

  • Reactive power rating up to 400kVAr for each cabinet
    • Instantaneous reactive power support
    • Dynamic reaction time of 31.25 μs
    • Compensate both inductive and capacitive loads and achieve 0.99 P.F.
    • Supports three-wire (3W) and four-wire (4W) installations
    • Hotswap supported on rack-modules
    • Load balancing
    • Harmonic filtering up to 13th harmonic

ELEKTRA DynamiX Static VAr Generators are successfully applied to facilities with high voltage THD, dynamic load variations, load imbalances, and harmonically distorted loads. Application areas include (but not limited to):
• Any facility with sensitivity to grid conditions
• Plastic industry – injection, extrusion and molding
• Office buildings and shopping malls
• Industrial production machines
• Induction furnaces
• UPS systems
• Data centers

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ELEKTRA DynamiX Static VAr Generators come in two options. One is Wall mount structure and other is rack type modular structure. In both cases the products provide identical performance. In both cases the products provide identical performance. Wall mount units are available in 50kVAr and 100kVAr ratings. Rack type system can include up to 400kVAr rating in one cabinet. User can install as many cabinets as needed to achieve desired reactive power rating. Technical specifications for Wall mount and floor mount DynamiX Static VAr Generator units are tabulated below.

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