Elektra Passive Harmonic Filters are designed to protect your system against harmful effects of harmonics. This unit is installed at the input of harmonic generating load (i.e Motor drive, inverter, UPS etc.) and eliminates harmonics at the source.


Elektra Passive Harmonic Filters are available in two forms: wall type and panel type. For the current values under 110A Wall type units are used. For higher current values panel type is preferred. General Features can be listed as follows.

  • Designed and manufactured in Turkey,
  • Available as Panel Mounted and Wall type, 
  • Provides constant capacitive power, 
  •  High performance and reliable,
  • Complies with the standarts EN 61000-2-2, EN 61558-2-20, EN 60831-1, CE signed
  • Dampens the harmonics up to 90%
  • Minimized resonance risk design
  • Built-in overcurrent protection
  • Automatically turns off in overload conditions
  • Automatically regulates the panel/cabinet temperature.


  • Textile, Printing,
  • Food Industry etc. and for the large constant loads
  • Companies supplied by high power UPS devices
  • Large cement and similar chemical mixers 
  • Factory automation devices 
  • Water treatment plants   
  • Fan ve pump applications   
  • HVAC facilities
  • DC fast charger devices

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